Staff Spotlight: Gina Hernandez

In 1989, Gina Hernandez applied for an Administrative Assistant position at The Perinatal Council, a family services organization focused on reducing the high infant mortality rate among African Americans in Oakland. Since then, The Perinatal Council has grown to provide new services within its mission of supporting healthy births and the successful development of children and changed its name to Brighter Beginnings. In the years since Gina joined The Perinatal Council, her role in ensuring that families receive the care they need has evolved and grown, too. Gina now serves as the organization’s Data Manager for Early Childhood Development programs and is a cherished part of the Brighter Beginnings community.

“People have taken me under their wings and have mentored, nurtured and encouraged me.”

Just as others have supported Gina in her growth, Gina takes pride in supervising her team and supporting the growth of Brighter Beginnings employees across the agency; it’s one of the reasons Gina enjoys coming to work day after day, even after 28 years. When she first started with the agency, Gina remembers having to write and enter data by hand. Today, Gina works as a Data Manager and oversees multiple databases for Quality Assurance, Targeted Case Management, Medical Administrative Activities, and Efforts to Outcomes in our Early Childhood social services. Gina finds gratification in her work knowing that, though she doesn’t do fieldwork directly, her role is crucial for ensuring that clients are meeting their needs and that the agency’s services are having an impact. “Data is more than just entering numbers, it provides us with important information about our clients and how to help them,” Gina told us when we asked her about how she sees her role at Brighter Beginnings.

Gina was recognized at the 2016 Playing Together for a Brighter Beginning event for her contributions for Brighter Beginnings throughout her tenure with the agency. Thank you Gina for all your diligent work and your dedication to our mission and the Brighter Beginnings family.

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