Black Infant Health (old)

Black Infant Health (BIH) is one of Brighter Beginnings’ most successful programs, and today serves as a model for all similar services funded by the State of California. Our program has received numerous awards.

Program Details

BIH helps African American women find pregnancy care, healthcare for their children, and other necessary social services that will provide crucial support that helps reduce the rates of infant death and illness. Brighter Beginnings’ Family Advocates are skilled at bringing high-risk women into the program, coordinating client services, and linking clients to other community agencies for additional assistance.

Because of the relationship that grows between clients and Family Advocates, BIH participants view the healthcare system more positively. They understand the importance of their children’s health and are more motivated to seek care and health education. The result is healthier babies and children. The program aims to

  • Reduce infant mortality and morbidity rates
  • Assist families in receiving perinatal and postpartum care and pediatric services for their children, as well as access to mental health, housing, and employment services
  • Provide information about healthy lifestyles, relationships, and parenting to clients and their partners

Black infant health is currently open to clients in Contra Costa County and is based at our Richmond Family Strengthening Center


In the 1980s, California’s Department of Health Services discovered that African American babies in the state were three times more likely to die than White babies. In 1989, the state of California began funding BIH program in districts where children were at highest risk.

Brighter Beginnings administers this culturally sensitive outreach and case management program in Contra Costa County. The program provides case management for African American pregnant women or mothers, aged 18 and over, who are likely to have complications of pregnancy and childbirth.


For information regarding the Black Infant Health Program, call (510) 236-6990, or toll-free at 877-427-7134.