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Volunteer Program

The efforts of our volunteers at Brighter Beginnings are seen as a valuable human resource that directly contributes towards the achievement of our organization’s mission. In turn, the purpose of the Volunteer Program is to coordinate a variety of volunteer activities and opportunities that provide influential support to the services we offer within our agency.

Brighter Beginnings is grateful to all who volunteer their time with us throughout the year. Their contribution of time and energy play a critical role in supporting the vital programs and services that we are able to provide to our clients, their children, and their families. See a list of 2011-2012 volunteers and donors.

Available Volunteer Opportunities

Our opportunities consist of volunteer-driven programs, as well as short-term activities that provide fundamental support to the wide variety of services we offer at Brighter Beginnings.

Every year, the agency coordinates three volunteer programs that provide vital support to our clients and community members. These include the:

Other volunteer opportunities include one-time projects that can typically be completed within a short time-frame. These can be found on our Volunteer Opportunity Listings & Signup page.

How to Apply & Placement Details

For individuals interested in the RotaCare Richmond Free Medical Clinic or the Adopt-A-Family program, please visit those pages for specific details on how to get involved and apply. Otherwise, individuals who are interested in our other volunteer opportunities at Brighter Beginnings will need to visit our Volunteer Opportunity Listings & Signup page. Once you have selected the volunteer opportunity of your choice and completed your signup application, you will then be contacted by the Volunteer Manager who will provide you with further information regarding the placement opportunity that you indicated. Please allow 2-3 business days for a response.

Community Service Hours

Community service hours will be reported for school, community organizations, and local businesses once the hours of community service have been completed.  For individuals seeking short-term volunteer opportunities to meet requirements for community service hours, arrangements may be made with the Volunteer Manager if there is a current need for short-term assistance in one of our Centers.

Each volunteer will have a supervisor who will be responsible for the direct management of the volunteer placement. Volunteers must adhere to the same standards of professionalism, courtesy, appropriateness, promptness, reliability and confidentiality that we expect of our employees. All volunteers serve without compensation beyond reimbursement of direct expenses, and/or at the direction of and on behalf of Brighter Beginnings.

For more information about volunteering, please contact: