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Family Strengthening

All Brighter Beginnings services are designed to strengthen families. Our primary services are home-based and provide case management, parenting education, and counseling.  We work with clients and communities towards providing the guidance and education necessary to create and sustain a truly healthy family. At Brighter Beginnings, we know that this can mean different things for different families, so we are committed to meeting clients where they are.

Brighter Beginnings Programs

Over time, we begin to see families feel hope about life’s possibilities, something researchers say is critical to “future thinking.” From this comes our greatest sense of satisfaction. That’s when we know these parents are making the shift towards seeing themselves as having the strength and confidence to become the parents they want to be, and eventually become a vital part of building stronger communities.

We also offer

Parenting groups – Brighter Beginnings’ parenting groups gently guide parents through a curriculum that focuses on establishing routines, child-safe disciplining techniques, and giving praise. The groups also cover meditation and other stress-relievers, and gives parents the chance to support and socialize with one another.

Child-development groups – The specialized curriculum used in these groups covers age-related developmental milestones, how to recognize delays and the importance of nurturing the emotional and mental development of one’s children through literacy, arts and crafts and socialization activities.

Emergency Resource Closets – The Emergency Closets, an onsite resource at all of our Family Centers, supply our families in desperate need with emergency food, diapers and baby clothes, as well as child-safe car seats, strollers and cribs.