Financial Health

To families surviving on less than $1000/month, it’s no wonder they have challenges making ends meet, and that they are victims to the usury practices of payday loan operations. Financial literacy is an essential tool for understanding how the banking and credit systems work, and is as important as learning to read and write.

Brighter Beginnings is helping clients and patients understand how to open bank accounts, manage their money, and make financial choices to support their goals.

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Program Details

Families with more financial stability are healthier and live longer. However, having access to banking and good credit is not the same in all communities and is largely absent in low-income neighborhoods. Research shows that families with Then they are ready to participate in both individual and peer workshops where they share and explore their goals and are supported in access to resources such as SparkPoint or Brilliant Babies or one of Brighter Beginnings’ Family Financial Fitness workshops.

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Peer Learning Groups are offered in both English and Spanish. The curriculum, delivered in six sessions, covers basic topics such as “Banking 101,” distinguishing between wants and needs, setting a budget and creating a Financial Action Plan of financial goals.

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One-on-One Coaching

We have Financial Coaches embedded in every Brighter Beginnings Program, who are trained in Financial Education and who work individually with families to reinforce what clients and patients learn and help advance the financial goals they’ve set.

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SparkPoint Centers

SparkPoint Centers are financial education centers that help individuals and families who are struggling to make ends meet. Our Financial Coaches are part of SparkPoint Contra Costa which helps our clients address immediate financial crises, get them back on their feet, and build financially secure futures.