Family Support Program

Teen and young adult parents usually face problems that make it difficult for them to support themselves and their children. Young parents are very likely to drop out of school, and without an education or work experience, it’s hard for them to find jobs. They and their children sometimes confront challenges ranging from poverty and repeat pregnancy to substance abuse and child neglect.

We provide programs to help pregnant and parenting young adults learn to care for themselves and their babies, while also supporting the young parents’ need to continue their education, and planning for jobs and self-sufficiency.

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Healthcare Services are the Beginning

We begin our care for the family during pregnancy by linking mothers to outstanding healthcare services before, during, and after the birth of her child. Once the child is born, we help parents be the best moms and dads they can be. We teach them about child development, appropriate behavior, and effective discipline. We also show them how to create a positive, nurturing home life.

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Parenting Groups

Brighter Beginnings’ in-home support services are augmented by parenting education groups, guided parent-child play groups, and educational peer support groups on how to avoid high-risk behaviors.

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Providing Positive Parenting Role Models

Family case management is an important part of our services. The Family Advocate forms a one-to-one relationship with each family and serves as a trusted friend and advocate for the individual and the entire family. For some individuals and families, the Family Advocate may be their first and only positive role model. Family Advocates also offer emotional support as young men and women make the important transition to parenthood.

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Connections to Services

Family Advocates link young families to community agencies that provide housing, educational assistance, childcare, healthcare, and vocational guidance. Brighter Beginnings partners with many other agencies, and with their assistance, we can offer faster access to an array of services that make it easier for families to be more cohesive, healthy and self-sufficient.

Our Family Support Program is available to families who live in Alameda County.

For more information on Family Support programs and services, call:

Oakland Center

(510) 437-8950

Toll Free

1(877) 427-7134

To refer a family member or friend for any of Brighter Beginnings’ programs, fill out our Referral Form and fax it to the appropriate center.