Supporting Families Struggling with At-Home Learning Amid the Pandemic

As we recently experienced the one-year anniversary of the global pandemic, we recognize just how much children have had to adapt to a new way of life and most importantly, their education. The countless hours of Zoom® classes and lack of social interaction with other children and their teachers has forever altered our young learners.

How can Brighter Beginnings support families struggling with at-home learning?

Brighter Beginnings has a new partnership with a local Oakland non-profit organization, LitLab. Founded in 2014, Litlab solutions, based on decades of experience partnering with school communities in support of low-income and emergent bilingual families, are predominately designed to activate immigrants and families of color. Their latest offering, Kidappolis, is an app that allows caregivers to transform screen-time into a learning experience with visual goal setting. The app is designed for children ages 2-10 giving them various subjects customized to each child’s needs. The caregiver assists with the initial assessment on the Kidappolis app to determine the child’s improvement areas; a playlist is then curated for them.

Through our partnership with LitLab, Brighter Beginnings is providing a FREE bilingual resource to our clients directly to their smartphones. Better yet, there are offline activities that don’t require an internet connection to access fun, educational content. Also, Kidappolis connects caregivers to local resources in the area via text message who opt-in for alerts.

Thanks to our new partnership, we are excited to provide for our clients complimentary, brand-new children’s books in Spanish and English to read with their families.

To receive your code to access the resources available within the Kidappolis app, download the flyer .

Learn more about Kidappolis through the resources below:

Check out this awesome video from Kidappolis below!

Welcome to Kidappolis!

Kidappolis Tutorial in English

Kidappolis Tutorial (English)

Tutorial de Kidappolis en Espanol

Tutorial de la aplicación Kidappolis (en español)