Family Supplies - We Can Help!

Partnerships Make a Difference for Our Patients

Having a baby takes a lot of supplies. From diapers to body wash to diaper rash cream, these are items no one should be without to keep a baby happy. The needs continue as those babies grow into toddlers. Items like pullups, potty-training seats and step stools are just as important as these little ones are more on the move than ever before. As a parent, these items can be hard to come by and can be very expensive. For example, diapers cost between $80 and $100 per month. That’s $2,850 to diaper one child with regular changes until potty training–a huge expense for the over 5 million low-income families with young children living in the U.S. today.

Sometimes a parent has to make a choice between buying a birthday cake, buying food or buying diapers. At Brighter Beginnings, we believe these are things no parent should have to make a choice on for their child.

At Brighter Beginnings we are proud to offer items such as these to our patients. Through our partnerships such as Cake4Kids, Alameda County Food Bank, and Help A Mother Out (HAMO) we are able to provide birthday cakes, food, and much needed diapers to families. And thanks to a grant, we have been able to provide families with much needed baby, toddler, and personal care supplies.

In August, we distributed in Oakland the following thanks to our partners:

  • 81 boxes of diapers were distributed to families thanks to HAMO
  • 13 cakes were distributed thanks to Cake4Kids
  • 3 families received food from our on-site food pantry reaching 10 family members in total

Thanks to our grant we also distributed the following in August:

  • 80 packs of pacifiers
  • 40 diaper rash creams
  • 150 deodorant/anti-perspirants
  • 20 potty-training seats
  • 20 high-chairs
  • 480 baby wipes…and the list goes on!

We are dedicated to help our patients each & every month. We encourage our patients to let staff know of their needs, or contact us directly. If you are able to make a donation of supplies, we welcome that too! Learn how to make your donation here.

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