Feeding Families Through Partnerships

Being a client at Brighter Beginnings has many perks. One of them is the opportunity to receive food from our partners at Alameda County Food Bank. The dry food pantry at the Brighter Beginnings site in Oakland is consistently replenished by the program assistants on site. This resource is offered to all families in our programs, but it is ultimately their choice if they would like to receive food. Once families share their desire for food their family advocates will then bag the items and coordinate a contactless delivery with them.

We tried something different on June 2nd. We received a delivery of 180 bags of dry food and 180 boxes of produce. Brighter Beginnings served 180 clients each one bag of dry food and one box of fresh produce. Some of the items included tuna, corn, tomato sauce, avocados, lettuce, and more. Our families were ecstatic to receive nutritious ingredients to make their food just as they like it. If you’re interested in receiving services like these, fill out the referral form and join one of our many programs today.


Alameda County Food Bank is a partnership we are dearly grateful for because of its dedication to ending hunger by fostering relationships in the community and being accessible to all community members. Brighter Beginnings’ favorite part about working with Alameda County Food Bank is its dedication to equity and inclusion. Learn more about their mission regarding equity and inclusion.

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